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        Featured Product
        crown_hbf_36 1
        Our Peerless Crown HBF36:

        Fully adjustable up to four wide

        Easy access blank feeding system

        Simple accurate blank feeding system

        Adjustable forming head motion profile allows machine settings to be tailored to each product, resulting in optimum quality and production speeds.

        Precision heavy-duty four-post forming die set

        Forming pressures available for quality production of deep-draw large trays & plates

        P.C. controls allow operator interface for optimum performance

        Interlock guarding for operator safety

        Quick tooling changeovers for production

        WHO WE ARE

        Employee owned. Globally passionate.

        On behalf of all of us here at Peerless Machine and Tool Corporation, and our distributor, Peerless Machine & Tool, GmbH, we thank you for considering us as your worldwide source for the best in paperboard converting equipment. Now in our 97th year, we remain as driven as day one to be the very best in quality and service. Our sincerest thanks goes out to you, our valued customers for making us the leader in our field. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our greatest asset is our employees and their years of experience in their craft manufacturing paperboard forming machinery and tooling. Our success lies in highly trained personnel, utilizing the latest technology in engineering and design software, and manufacturing equipment.

        Peerless News

        Peerless is Employee Owned

        Peerless has now transitioned into a 100% employee owned firm via the creation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP.

        The Peerless M27E Roll-Fed Machine Line

        Peerless now introduces its latest roll-fed forming machine model, the M27E. The M27E features servo driven linear actuators for smooth and reliable cut/score and forming head motion. Adjustable forming section dwell and stroke capacity allows machine settings to be tailored to each specific product resulting in optimum quality and production speeds.


        Blank-Fed Forming Machines

        ? ?Crown Blank Fed Machines

        Roll-Fed Forming Machines

        ? ?Wide Roll Fed Machines

        ? ?Narrow Roll Fed Machines

        Afterpress Machinery
        Roll-to-Roll Paperboard Moistening Machinery
        Roll Stand Options


        New Machinery Sales
        New Tooling Sales
        Machinery and Tooling Parts Sales
        Machinery Kit or Package Sales
        Forming Die Set Rebuilding & Repair
        Cutting Die Set Rebuilding & Repair
        Technical Support
        Paperboard Plate & Tray Sample Making
        Paperboard Testing
        Product Design and Feasibility
        Front of Building
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