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        PEERLESS ITM-HD Roll-to-Roll Paperboard Moistening Machine

        The ITM-HD Features

        • Moistening via spray or immersion method.
        • Maximum roll width 57″ (1,447.8 mm).
        • Maximum roll diameter 60″ (1,524 mm).
        • Utilizes hydraulic web guide system, pneumatic brake on the unwind shaft and an air cylinder hold down system to ensure consistently wound rolls.
        • Complete machinery guarding for operator safety.
        big_machine_main_pic 3
        • Electronically controlled variable speed drive system.
        • Hydraulic web guide control system.
        • Pneumatic brake on unwind shaft.
        • Complete guarding for maximum operator safety.
        • Chrome plated anti-corrosive rollers.
        • Stainless Steel water bath pans.
        • Rugged steel weldment construction.
        • Moisture applied via immersion or spray method.
        • Air hold down system on surface rewind insures tightly wound rolls.