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        PEERLESS P-Line Wide Roll Fed Forming Options

        The P-Line Features

        • Three economy, three standard, and four heavy-duty machine models available.
        • Economy and Standard models no prescoring, heavy-duty models prescoring capability.
        • Designed for long, continuous production runs. Roll widths up to 57″ (1,447.8 mm). Minimum roll width 21 1/2″ (546.1 mm). Roll diameters up to 72″ (1,828.8 mm).
        • Maximum blank length 16″ (406.4 mm), dependent on your product geometry.
        • Forming depth up to 2 1/4″ (57.2 mm).
        • Number wide operation dependent on blank size and product geometry.
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        P-Line Paperboard Roll Stand Options

        • Shaft-type, shaftless, and vertical lift models available with varying features.
        • All models produced for P-Line machine roll widths, diameters, and weights.
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        P-Line Feed Section

        • Adjustable decurl roller system assists in removing up and down curl in the paperboard for smooth and consistent feed ups.
        • Photoelectric eye system for registered print layouts.
        • Servo-motor feed drive system results in consistent feed up and print-to-cut accuracy.
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        P-Line Cut or Cut & Score Section

        • Precision mechanical gear-driven connecting rod/eccentric reciprocating platen.
        • Precision machined casting utilized for cut or cut & score section base.
        • Heavy-Duty machine models offer 100 tons (90,720 KG) to 220 tons (199,580 KG) of scoring capacity depending on the model chosen
        pic 003 2

        P-Line Forming Section

        • Precision mechanical cam-driven reciprocating platen. Various forming stroke specifications available depending upon the model chosen.
        • Precision machined casting utilized for forming base.
        • Forming section capacity up to 30 tons (27,215 KG).
        pic 004 2

        P-Line Counter-Stacker Unit

        • Integral to the machine line. Individual belted lanes transfer the formed product from the forming section into the stacking and counting unit for presentation to the operator.
        • Design allows for various product configurations and sizes i.e. 7” (178 mm), 9” (229 mm), 10” 254 mm), etc., to maximum machine capacity.
        pic 005 2

        P-Line Main Drive System

        • A.C. variable speed gear-motor drives with brake systems power all P-Line machines.
        pic 006 2

        P-Line Main Panel & Control System

        • Machine mounted control panels provide easy access to machine line controls and adjustments.
        • Machine function timing controlled by a PLS system.
        pic 007 1

        P-Line Safety Systems

        • Both stationary and interlock guarding utilized to insure operator safety
        • All electricals conform to applicable worldwide standards.