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        M37T & M40T

        Plate And Tray Forming Machine

        Adjustable forming section dwell and stroke allows machine settings to be tailored to each specific product resulting in optimum quality and production speeds. Innovative servomotor – roller screw drive units provide quiet dependable power. Learn more

        M24T, M27T & M27E

        Narrow Roll Fed Forming Machine

        Quick tooling changeovers for maximum production flexibility. Operator ergonomics? considered i.e. lightweight cut or cut/score dies, internal forming die roller assist system, external forming die removal rack, easy access decurl unit, vertical lift roll stand, etc. Learn more


        Wide Roll Fed Forming Options

        Three economy, three standard, and four heavy-duty machine models available. Learn more

        Crown Blank Fed

        Blank Fed Forming Options

        Two production models available: Air Crown, Crown and HBF36. Learn more


        Roll-To-Roll Paperboard Moistening Machine

        Utilizes hydraulic web guide system, pneumatic brake on the unwind shaft, and an air cylinder hold down system to ensure consistently wound rolls.?Learn more


        Roll Stand Options

        Select The Roll Stand That’s Right For You

        Maximum roll widths, diameters, and weights to utilize with P-Line Machine. Learn more


        Three Models Are Available To Meet Varying Production Needs

        Machine die capacity is based upon a standard twelve cell egg carton. Two, four, or six dies. Maximum afterpressing depth capability of 2.75″ or 69.8 mm. Learn more


        Peerless Tooling For Paperboard Plate & Tray Machinery

        Plate and tray designs available in round, oval, square, rectangle, octagon, scallop, multi-compartment, and clamshell shapes and sizes. Learn more